Comic Moment of the Week 021

I didn’t get around to reading this weeks comics, so I don’t really have much to talk about this week. In fact there are probably more words in this introduction paragraph than there are

Frozen Beer Reviews 257 – Tooheys Darling Pale Ale

Yes, I reviewed that new pale ale from Tooheys that everyone is talking about so you don’t have to.

Spiritual Sunday 058 – Beluga Noble Vodka

Is all vodka the same, or are some more noble than what the standard is? NB: Free sample from the importer

Saturday Snack Blog 034 – Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips

Fancy hippie chips made with black beans, navy beans and rice instead of corn. Supposedly they have 37% less fat and twice the protein and fibre, but that doesn’t matter if they taste like