Saturday Snack Blog 054 – Frozen Summers’ (not)Patented Thing to Mix With Tonic

Too early in the day for a G&T? Why not try a Frozen Summers’ (not)Patented Thing to Mix With Tonic!

Frozen Booze Radio 040 – Fake Beer 2 – Elecwheat Boogaloo

Yes I’m doing it again, 3 more fake beers blind tasted. This time though there is a couple of hefeweizens to make things interesting.

Music Moment of the Week 016 – Watch Devin Townsend Record A Song

Ever wanted to see Devin Townsend write a song? Now you can thanks to Toontrack.

Wino Wednesday 078 – Yellow Tail Chardonnay 2015

A review of something from an independent, family owned, Australian winery. Ahem.