Spiritual Sunday 044 – J&B Rare Scotch

It’s not really that rare any more, but is it a decent blended scotch worth buying?

Saturday Snack Blog 020 – Kilojoules

Diets don’t work. They suck and don’t teach good eating habits. The worst of them cause you to starve off weight and then put it back on when you go back to eating normally.

Wino Wednesday 043 – Besame Mucho 2013

A Monastrell Shiraz blend from Spain? It does have a cool label at least, but how is the wine?

Comic Moment Of The Week 006

First up, I loved the iZombie pilot, I’ve never read the source material, so I’m not sure if it was “accurate” but it really bit its teeth into me. Secondly, Female Thor is outselling